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This website is for the purpose of social,ethical, and human issues: This is to help students to be able to identify legal and ethical issues related to use of information and communication of technology. This website will provide academic information and teaching materials related to teaching about religion in public schools.

MAIN: http://www.teachnet-uk.org.uk/2007%20Progects/Maths-Algebra/Algebra/Algebra.htm

LESSON: http://www.teachnetuk.org.uk/2007%20Projects/MathsAlgebra/Algebra/Lesson1/Lesson%20Plan%201.pdf

GREAT LESSON PLAN!!! This website is to follow the lesson plan for agebra - To evalutate, interpret, and construct simple algebraic expressions. There is great information and easy plan to follow on this site. There is a lot of inormation on the main page and easy to follow instructions on the lesson site.


This is another great website. This site is for Trigonometry linear functions lesson.  In the site it is easy to follow and gives hints, clues, and guidlines to help the students along with the understanding. Students should kow the definitaion of slope, calculate it , and use slope to solve problems. This tutorial will prepare studetns and teachers for the coordinate geometry of the line questions on the leaving certificate ordinary paper. Each section starts with a short lesson and then gives an exersice. Once the students have attained a score of 10 they are ready to move on to the next stage.

MAIN: http://www.teachersnetwork.org/teachnetnyc/landerson/geometry.htm

LESSON: http://lauraanderson.org/geometry/geohome.htm

This website has multiple lessons for different subject matters in algebra. One of the sites is used for Pythagroean Theorem. There are plenty of screen shots for step by step instructions for easy learning. There is a provided PowerPoint below to help with the general concept of this theory.

PowerPoint for Pythagorean Theorem Lesson

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